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In an ideal world you'd be able to sell your house fast, once you have made the decision to up-sticks and move to a different part of the Country. 


 The trouble is that right now the market is against you. Buyer numbers have depleted over the last few years and are becoming a tad stagnated, and first time buyers are finding it more difficult than ever to obtain the necessary funding to get onto the first rung of the home ownership ladder. 




 It's all starting to seem like a buyer's market place. Lots of unsold stock to choose from and not many buyers will inevitably mean many sellers receiving low-ball offers from buyers trying their luck! 


 But there are some key things you can do to help sell your house fast. 


 1. De-clutter your property. If there's lots of furniture, get as much as you can manage out, to a friends or in the garage. Less is more. The buyer HAS to be able to imagine their own possessions in the property so make sure they can daydream. 2.Become a house doctor - Once your property is less busy, style it. Make the bed up nice, place the furniture strategically. Pretend you have a magazine coming over to take photos. 3.Make sure your agent enlists the help of a professional photographer. Because agents with cameras doesn't really work. 4.Give your property a freshen-up. If your property looks a little tired, then re-paint it. Tidy the skirting and the walls (you can even do this yourself). It will make the world of difference without a huge cost to you. 5.Make sure your agent advertises extensively on the web - To have a better chance of finding a good quality buyer, your agent should advertise extensively on the web. Make sure as a minimum that your agent lists their property stock on Rightmove, Find-a-property, Zoopla, Prime Location, Property Live, Globrix, Home, Trovit and Net House Prices. 6.Price your property correctly - If similar or better properties are on the market for less, then you have to think like a buyer and wonder why they would pay more for your property? Check your competition out and make sure you sell your propertys USP's (unique selling points). This is the wrong market to be expecting a buyer to pay more for a property unless there is a very good reason to. For more info, click we buy tulsa houses fast



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